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Borer Pest Control Service

Annoyed By The Infestation Of Borer? Avail Our Services and Get the Borer-Free Home Hassle-Freely

Is your wooden home furnishing destroyed by the borer and you can’t do anything? The time has come to eliminate them from your home. With the company of borer pest control Service, your home will offer you a healthy environment to live on. Is your house is too old?

If so, then your home has a great probability of getting infested by the borer. You can call them wood eater as they noticeably damage the wooden commodities and furniture. There is only a way left to get rid of this and that is to seek help borer pest control service.

Borer Pest Control Service
Borer Pest Control Service

Don’t Create Panic and Call Us Today for Availing Our Reliable Service  

If you suddenly notice that your home furniture and other wooden commodities are infested by the borer. There is nothing to create panic, as it is the right time to take the right decision. Borers are very effective and can damage your wooden furniture completely which may lead to the sudden collapse of it.

So, you have to take the right decision immediately to prevent the wooden furniture from infestation by Booking Our Service at Nip The Bud. We are available 24X7 for registering your booking. So, whatever the time don’t hesitate to call us.

What are The Early Signs of Borer Infestation?

Identifying the infestation of borer in its early stages is really impossible. But there are two possible ways by which you can determine the borer infestation.

They are Given Below:

  • If you carefully notice or try to have a close inspection, you may find small pin holes on the surface of the wooden furniture. These are flight holes used by the borers to fly in and out.
  • Another sign by which you can determine that the furniture is borer infested is by noticing the emission of fine wooden powder or frass on the floors.

Whenever you find these signs, get in touch with us via 1800 440 506 to avail the Express Service of our company Nip The Bud.  

Expert Pest Control
Expert Pest Control

Our Working Process to Eliminate the Existence of Borer in your House

There are varied types of borers can be found. But all possess a similar potentiality to collapse the wooden furniture and objects completely.

Here are The Ways in Which We Offer Our Service:

  • Before starting with the right procedure, we take some time to check the severity of their effect and the area covered by their colonies. Accordingly, we decide which procedure is appropriate for it.
  • In the case of moderate infestations, we apply effective insecticide to the underneath of the floor. We facilitate its application once a year for three years for providing a permanent solution of borer-free home.
  • Being the leading company of borer pest control Services, we provide the solution to the extreme cases by replacing the infested pieces of wood with chemically treated and high resistant one.
  • If needed, we also repair and improve the ventilation system of the subfloor.
  • Entotherm Heat Treatment is another way to eliminate the infested materials in the room. In this process, we use heat pod to suck up all the borers under the subfloors and within the wooden materials including furniture. A single treatment of it offers quick elimination of the pest without being hassled a bit.   
  • Running water is the solution to many problems. Therefore, we use it within the cracks, flight holes and crevices for treating the fungal decay. This will resist the further development of the colonies of borers.  
  • Apart from this, in some cases, we opt for the fumigation process although it is the most expensive procedure to get rid of borer infestation.

A Few Steps to Control The Growth of The Borers

There is nothing as such steps to control the rate of growth of borers. Yet, what you can do is given in the following:

  • In the early stages of the borer infestation, you must contact the popular borer pest control Service Company at 1800 440 506 to get the permanent solution quickly.
  • If it is getting expanded rapidly, just pull off the timber out so that, it cannot infest other ones.
Borer Control
Borer Control

We Nip The Bud value the prominence of the borer pest control because it is capable of collapsing the home furniture and subfloor. Being the leading company of the borer pest control Service, we offer free borer detection to your home.   

Why Will You Choose Us?

  • The top reasons to choose our services are
  • We cater unique and innovative treatments for borer infestation
  • The technicians of our company are not only trained but also certified
  • We use eco-friendly insecticides
  • We offer Emergency Service to the Sydney metropolitan area
  • The services are of high quality and guaranteed

Thus, make sure that you have noted our 1800 440 506 to avail our services at any time despite night and day. For more info please log on to our official website.